‘A token of appreciation’ for moments that matter. Waitrose & Partners extended its iconic collaborative line Waitrose x NUAIMI & commissioned the house of NUAIMI to create its exclusive line of floral bouquet boxes, the perfect gift for any occasion. The custom-designed boxes capture NUAIMI’s  love for the ever-changing beauty of nature and are bound to brighten hearts and homes.

    Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of quintessential English prints, her fondness for strolls in the British countryside and its blooming gardens, NUAIMI’s intricate print features tulips, robins and succulent cranberries and pomegranates.

  • Infusing a modern colour palette, blending bold and delicate shades, including soft blues, gentle pinks and deep purples, each one chosen to evoke an emotion and connection

    Bringing the bouquet together, NUAIMI wanted to create the perfect colourful arrangement that would capture the essence of a special occasion, to evoke happiness and delight in everybody. An everlasting gift, the printed box can become a keepsake centrepiece in anyone’s home filled with whatever they desire.