Sought after as an exciting collaborator, NUAIMI understands the needs of brands at both a global and a regional level. Iconic prints are only the beginning, NUAIMI appreciates the importance of brand positioning, storytelling and digital exposure. There is a romanticism in every design and product developed because sparking joy is at the heart of the NUAIMI DNA. 


    In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, Piaget celebrates its art of gold by collaborating with NUAIMI. In this collaboration NUAIMI interpreted Piaget’s history by creating two prints that tell the story of its roots in La Côte-Aux-Fees and its reveal to the world in La Côte D’Azur. Adorning the boutique windows to Arabic Coffee cups, this collaboration transcended throughout the GCC & was instantly one of the most sought out collaborations & coffee cups in the region.

  • Creating the print 

    NUAIMI created a print iconic to Piaget, which firstly their regional clientele could relate to and as a brand could later develop into further product ranges. Inspired by their craftsmanship of gold, the brushstroke of each element in the print signifies the different textures used by Maison Piaget.

  • Telling the story of Piaget’s beginnings, The Craspedia’s featured in the La Cote aux Fees print were turned in to Piaget’s iconic Possessions collection whereas  La Cote d’Azur highlights the sun from Piaget’s Sunlight light collection & is adorned with Piaget signature Roses. The brushstrokes used on various elements in each print represent the craftsmanship of historical Piaget's Goldsmiths.

  • The Campaign 

    To bring the collaboration together NUAIMI adapted intricate elements inspired from the  of the print to be showcased on all their regional boutique windows in the GCC. As it was the holy month of Ramadan, NUAIMI created traditional coffee cups showcasing elements of the print which were gifted to Piaget Clientele. In addition they hosted a themed around the GCC to create an immersive 360 experience.