Sought after as an exciting collaborator, NUAIMI understands the needs of brands at both a global and a regional level. Iconic prints are only the beginning, NUAIMI appreciates the importance of brand positioning, storytelling and digital exposure. There is a romanticism in every design and product developed because sparking joy is at the heart of the NUAIMI DNA. 

    NUAIMI X WAITROSE & Partners 2021

    Waitrose commissioned NUAIMI to create a bag for life that is as stylish as it is sustainable. NUAIMI set out to make grocery shopping cool again and with the concept of fashionable food in mind, the iconic shopping bag was created.

    The NUAIMI signature aesthetic perfectly encapsulated the Waitrose identity and the vibrant print made this bag the most globally sought after accessory Waitrose has ever had. Not just a grocery bag, it wasn’t long before this must-have accessory began appearing in beach-clubs , malls and restaurants; truly the creation of an instant icon.